In This Issue:

Azimuthal AVO inversion by simulated annealing
David Cho and Gary F. Margrave

5D interpolation to improve AVO and AVAz: a quantitative case history
Jon Downton, Lee Hunt, Daniel Trad, Scott Reynolds, and Scott Hadley

Amplitudes Upon Reflection in Acoustical Experiments
Larry Lines, Enders Robinson, and Sven Treitel

Nearly perfectly matched layer method for seismic wave propagation in poroelastic media
Jingyi Chen

Reflection and transmission coefficients in TI media: exact and linearized phase velocities, eikonals and polarization vectors
P.F. Daley, E.S. Krebes, L.R. Lines, and F. Mahmoudian

Impedance analysis for methane and CO2 discrimination in coalbeds
Diane J. Lespinasse, Christopher R. Clarkson, and Robert J. Ferguson


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